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Child Support Attorney in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Fight for Financial Support for Your Family in Ypsilanti & Ann Arbor, MI

Make Child Support Arrangements with The Help of An Attorney

If you're recently divorced and need financial support for your family, consult with an attorney from The Law Offices of John R. Bailey. Attorney John R. Bailey will work with you to arrange child support payments for your family. At this time, child support payments in Ypsilanti, Michigan are determined by the Michigan Child Support Formula. Attorney Bailey will walk you through the process and enforce the payments on your behalf.

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Secure a Child Support Arrangement

Benefits of Hiring a Child Support Attorney

Child with it's hands in an adult's handsGetting child support payments isn't always easy. Sometimes, you have to fight for what's right. A child support attorney can help you:

  • Develop a child support plan

  • Present your case in court

  • Enforce child support payments

  • Mediate difficult conversations

Do you need financial support for your family? Meet with child support attorney John R. Bailey in Ypsilanti, MI about your case ASAP.