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Traffic Violations Attorney in Ypsilanti, Michigan

If you’ve recently been issued a ticket in the Ypsilanti, Michigan area, know you’re not alone. In 2020, the total number of traffic stops in Michigan was 305,940. While traffic laws are in place to keep everyone on the road safe, there are many cases where tickets are unjustly given. Traffic violation fines and penalties can be confusing and permanently affect your future ability to drive. Don't let a spur-of-the-moment mistake shatter your freedom — consult a trusted traffic violations defense attorney today. 

With firm locations in Kalamazoo and Ypsilanti, Michigan, Attorney John Bailey has over 30 years of experience challenging a variety of traffic offenses and has cemented a reputation as one of the best criminal defense attorneys in his region. After receiving a speeding ticket or DUI charge, it is important to understand your rights and the repercussions of your citation. Do not hesitate to reach out to The Law Offices of John R. Bailey today. His exceptional staff is ready to take your call and will get you set up with a free consultation.

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Traffic Violations Attorney John Bailey Defends 

Certain citations are more serious than others and thus have varying fines and penalties. The following are examples of common driving charges that Attorney John Bailey will defend: 

  • Speeding tickets 

  • Failing to stop, yield, or signal 

  • Seatbelt violations 

  • DUIs and DWIs 

  • Driving with a suspended/revoked license  

  • Reckless driving 

  • Hit-and-runs 

  • Unpaid parking tickets 

  • Racing on the freeway 

  • Illegal parking 

Moving Violations vs. Non-moving Violations 

Michigan courts categorize traffic infractions as either moving or non-moving violations. Speeding tickets and running a red light are examples of moving violations, while parking tickets and false title registrations are considered non-moving violations. Moving violations are often treated as more serious offenses, but both categories can result in misdemeanor and felony convictions. 

To learn about your specific ticket’s consequences or to fight your traffic violation, contact The Law Offices of John R. Bailey today. 

How Does the Michigan Point System Work? 

Created to pinpoint poor driving habits, the Michigan points system helps keep track of any previous infractions. Each traffic violation has a specific point value, which goes on your driving record after you have been convicted of a moving violation.  

2-Point Violations:  

  • 6-10 mph over the legal speed limit 

  • Open alcohol container in the vehicle 

  • Refusal of a preliminary breath test by anyone younger than 21 

3-Point Violations: 

  • 11-15 mph over the legal speed limit 

  • Careless driving 

  • Improper passing 

  • Failure to stop for a school bus or at a railroad crossing 

4-Point Violations: 

  • 16+ mph over the legal speed limit 

  • Drag racing 

  • Impaired driving 

  • Failure to yield or show due caution for emergency vehicles 

6-Point Violations: 

  • Moving violation causing injury or death 

  • Fleeing or eluding a police officer 

  • Refusal to take a chemical alcohol test 

  • Failing to stop and give identification at the scene of a crash 

From the date of conviction, points will remain on your driving record for two years. More points result in more fines and more penalties, which is why it’s crucial that you turn to a trusted attorney to challenge your violation.  

Fighting Traffic Violations in Michigan  

Don't let your license get revoked or your driving record rack up points over a wrongful traffic stop. Turn to Attorney John Bailey for the guidance you need in fighting your traffic violation. He can advise you through disputing the officer’s version of events or any evidence that led to your ticket.  

Depending on your case, a “mistake of fact” can be a strong defense to get your ticket waived. For example, if you get a ticket for speeding in a zone where the speed limit sign was knocked over or unable to be seen, your offense was due to a mistake of fact, not poor driving. You may also have a case where your action was justified or taken to avoid harm. Sometimes drivers swerve to protect a pedestrian or hastily pull over to get out of the way of a reckless driver. Situations like these are justifiable and should not result in a penalty.

Traffic Violations Attorney Serving Ypsilanti, Michigan   

No matter what your traffic violation may involve, team up with a respected traffic violations defense attorney in Ypsilanti, Michigan, who cares about your freedom. Contact The Law Offices of John R. Bailey today to set up a free consultation. He defends clients in the communities of Belleville, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, and Portage, Michigan.