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Growing a family through adoption is a dream for many. People choose to adopt for a variety of reasons: they may not be able to conceive, they may want to adopt their partner’s child, or they may wish to adopt for many other reasons. No matter what your situation is, to make this dream come true, it’s important to be prepared for the process of adopting a child in Michigan.

Attorney John Bailey has over 30 years of experience practicing law and works to help each of his clients navigate the complexities of the legal process. He prioritizes ensuring that every client has all the guidance and support needed to make informed decisions throughout the legal process. The Law Offices of John R. Bailey proudly serves clients in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and Belleville, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, and Portage, Michigan.

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Types of Adoption

Knowing the different types of adoption available in Michigan can help you make informed decisions as you consider whether to embark on the adoption journey.


Adopting a child, baby, or older child is possible through the state’s foster care system in Michigan. There are specific agencies that the adoptive parents must work with in a state adoption.


In a private adoption, the individual or couple seeking to adopt works with a licensed private adoption agency or an attorney. There is a private agreement between the birth mother and the adoptive parents.


If you are interested in adopting a child from another country, you can work with an international adoption agency to make this dream come true. Because of the legal issues that come with adopting a child from another country, it is especially helpful to work with an adoption attorney if you are considering this type of adoption. 


Many stepparents want to officially adopt their partner’s child. In this situation, the process may be simpler than other types of adoption, especially if the stepparent is already legally married.


Under Michigan law, it is possible to officially adopt an adult. In an adult adoption, certain steps that are required for adopting young children will not be required.


Having a child through a surrogate is another option for couples looking to adopt. There are many points that must be worked out before an adoption arrangement through a surrogate will be official. Speak with an adoption attorney to learn more about adopting through surrogacy.

Michigan Adoption Laws

After knowing the different types of adoption that you can choose from, it’s also important to know the basics of Michigan’s adoption laws.

Who Can Adopt? 

According to Michigan law, any adult can adopt a child in Michigan as long as he or she meets the requirements of the process. This includes married couples and individuals legally married to the child’s biological parent. 

Who Can Be Adopted?

Before a child can be adopted, his or her biological parents must give consent to have their legal rights as the child’s parents terminated. If the child has an appointed guardian, then he or she must give consent to the adoption. The department or the agency that has custody of the child, as well as the court, must also give consent.

The child’s consent is not required unless they are 14 years of age or older. 

Overview of the Adoption Process

The adoption process begins with choosing the type of adoption. Then, the person or couple wishing to adopt must complete the application for the adoption license, background checks, and a home study. They must also provide medical statements and three references as well as attend any relevant trainings. 

During this process, it is important to work with an experienced adoption attorney. An attorney can answer your questions with confidence and identify problems before they even happen, guiding you through each step of the process.

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Growing your family through adoption is a beautiful dream that requires preparation and dedication. An experienced adoption attorney can help ensure you have the best chance possible of making this dream come true. Attorney John Bailey can guide you through each step of the Michigan adoption process. Contact The Law Offices of John R. Bailey today to schedule your free initial consultation.