The Law Offices of John R. Bailey is an Ypsilanti based law firm, providing legal guidance in Southeast Michigan for 26 years. We specialize in the fields of Bankruptcy Law, Family Law, Personal Injury and Criminal Defense.


John R. Bailey assures that you will benefit from our family legal services. If you are facing a divorce, we will protect you and your children's rights during times of change in your family. From property division to custody disputes, our divorce attorney offers reliable expert counsel.


At JRB Law Offices, we are very sympathetic to your emotion and will help you get going on the process. John R. Bailey gets the results you need in your bankruptcy case and stops the harassment you are enduring:

  • Lawsuits Filed
  • Collection notices sent
  • Credit cards denied
  • Wages garnished



Aggressive pursuit of compensation in Michigan

When you are harmed through negligence or deliberate action, the law provides options for you to receive appropriate compensation from the offending party. At JRB Law Offices, we fight to establish the negligence or unreasonably unsafe actions of the person or organization that caused your injury.



Handling misdemeanors and felonies in Michigan

At JRB Law Offices, we offer you a clear and accurate appraisal of your criminal case, so that you have realistic expectations and an understanding of the proceedings.

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